integrityThe Jurek Law Group strives to be unparalleled in three fundamental principles:

EXCELLENCE – which is not only expected by the client, but continuously demanded by the Group itself –

INTEGRITY – which is unequivocally inherent in every aspect of our representation and relationships – and

COMMITMENT – to obtaining the best result for all our clients utilizing the most diligent, innovative and cost-efficient means available.

We greatly value our client relationships and constantly seek innovative ways in which we can provide benefits outside of the courtroom and our typical legal representation.

Particular ways in which we do so for the various clients and industries in which we practice include preparing and presenting educational seminars as part of employee and industrial training programs and conferences, presenting seminars for insurance carriers and their insureds, and publishing educational articles and risk management guidelines. Topics have included cost containment, litigation trends, insurance coverage, indemnity, safety practices, lawsuit handling and litigation management, mechanisms of injuries, incident investigation, law updates, risk management, and mock trials.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we are also proud of the philosophy that brought this success about. Seldom does a good result happen by accident or by luck. A good lawyer knows this, and a good lawyer shares this philosophy with the client.

We have found that success is contagious. Success not only breeds other success, but it breeds confidence. Confidence itself is a key element of success. And, we have found that most successful attorney-client relationships are based on a mutual feeling of confidence and trust.


We welcome an opportunity to meet with you and explore how The Jurek Law Group can meet your legal needs. We ask that you contact us directly, visit our Web site, or call for an appointment. We are also a Texas certified HUB.

Let us put our experience, resources, and principles to work towards your success.

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