iStock_000028110628_SmallThe Transportation industry faces far greater potential loss exposure than any other industry due to the propensity for catastrophic disasters, cargo liability, environmental impact, property damage and wrongful death claims. In addition to the usual employer/employee and principal/agent theories of liability, transportation cases often involve distinct allegations of negligent hiring, supervision and retention, and claims for punitive damages.

The Jurek Law Group, has significant expertise in this complex field. Our attorneys have experience representing almost every type of common or private carrier, including companies that carry goods and passengers by truck, trailer, bus, rail, plane, and ship; we also serve equipment manufacturers, insurers, and third-party administrators.

iStock_000018502035_SmallWe provide a wide variety of services to our clients including pre-litigation investigation and claims analysis, alternative dispute resolution, aggressive trial defense initiatives, as well as providing protection of subrogation and lien interests for property damage claims.  We also assist transportation companies in determining their compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, rules, policies and procedures.

Matters of Focus

  • Risk management and insurance
  • Commercial disputes
  • Property and casualty losses
  • Corporate and business law
  • Environmental issues and hazardous materials
  • Arbitration
  • Driver qualification
  • Labor and employment
  • OSHA compliance
  • Controlled substances and alcohol testing
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) matters
  • Litigation, including personal injury, and wrongful death
  • Regulatory compliance